Association of Open University Graduates

Executive Committee Fact File


This Executive Committee Fact File is intended as a working file to assist all Committee members with information papers as a source of reference which should provide the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

All pages show their Reference number (eg. FF 1.1 – this page), the date of issue and the name of the originator. Each Section has a different purpose (eg. Section 2 – Regions and Nations). The Fact File is the responsibility of the Association Vice Chairman. Updated pages will be issued from time to time and obsolete material should be destroyed or returned to the AOUG Office for disposal.

It is the responsibility of the Executive Committee member to whom the file is issued to maintain it during their Term of Office. At the end of their tenure, the Executive Committee member is required to return their up-to-date file to the AOUG Office on, or before, the date of the Annual General Meeting so that it can be passed on to their successor.

Alternatively, if a handover meeting can be arranged between the retiring member and their successor, the AOUG Office should be notified of the date and venue of this meeting.

If, for whatever reason, a resignation from Office occurs prior to the end of the Committee year, the retiring Executive Committee member is required to return this Fact File to the AOUG Office no later than fourteen days after the date of the resignation.

Any suggestions for amendments, additions or clarifications to this Fact File would be welcome and should be sent to the AOUG Office (for the attention of the Vice Chairman).