Association of Open University Graduates

Corporate Governance Policies

AOUG Executive Committee ensures that the three Association Companies comply with all aspects of current UK Company Law and all regulations as set out by the Charity Commission. The three companies are each governed by their own set of Memorandum and Articles and then in addition the Association has procedural regulations set out in Standing Orders and practical guidance information on every aspect of our activities in the Executive Committee Fact File.
Memorandum and Articles can be changed by the membership passing a majority vote on Resolutions at an AGM, which have been previously submitted under the AOUG regulations. Standing Orders are reviewed annually by the Executive Committee and can be changed or updated in accordance with a majority vote of those present at the relevant meeting and the Fact File is under constant review with updated pages being issued at every Executive Committee Meeting. 
In addition AOUG also has a number of Corporate Governance Policies which summarise the principles of our Association. Although these under go continual review, they are all formally reviewed by the Executive Committee annually at the October Executive Committee meeting and any changes are considered and presented prior to the following AGM meetings. During 2015, the Executive Committee will be undergoing a full review of all Fact File pages to ensure that the Corporate Governance procedures state clearly the guidance in line with these agreed policies.
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