Association of Open University Graduates

The Evolution of AOUG

The early days

From the very moment that the original Open University students signed up for their first courses, they knew they were part of something amazing. They were being given the chance of education, which for most of those applying at that time, had previously been denied them. Students had an immediate gratitude to the Open University and, excited by their own experiences, they wanted to ensure that others knew of the opportunities now available to them.

Early students became the Open University ambassadors spreading the word in all areas of their lives. By the time these students became graduates they had discovered that by sharing an unique experience, they had a common bond. They did not want this special fellowship to be lost and so kept contact with previous study groups and began to meet, thus sharing their enthusiasm and excitement of learning. They also offered help to their Open University study centres in any way they could, just to keep in touch with their University.

Small groups of these Open University graduates spontaneously sprang up all over the country. As time went on these groups heard of each other and contact was made between them giving rise to the first plans for our Association of Open University Graduates.


  • 2013 AOUG 25th Anniversary year
  • 2012 AOUG says goodbye to Founder
  • 2009 Personal Experiences
  • 2009 AOUG 21st Birthday Year Celebrations
  • 2008 AOUG full return to degree ceremonies with own stand
  • 2007 AOUG stand at Alumni Open Insight events
  • 2007 AOUG working alongside OU Alumni Relations on their stand at degree ceremonies2007 AOUG return to officially process at degree ceremonies
  • 2000 - 2006 AOUG change in status
  • 1999 AOUG Incorporation
  • 1999 "OU Alumni" own stand alongside AOUG at degree ceremonies
  • 1998 OU link/alumni invited to join AOUG workers at degree ceremonies
  • 1996 AOUG involved in the planning for a new OU "Link"
  • 1995 AOUG invited to elect two OU Graduates representative onto OU Senate
  • 1995 AOUG invited to have two representative at each degree ceremony
  • 1995 AOUG officially asked to assist with OU Course Choice events
  • 1994 AOUG Foundation for Education formed
  • 1994 AOUG Trading formed
  • 1994 Vice Chancellor announced AOUG as the alumni body of the OU
  • 1993 AOUG inclusion in Undergraduate Handbook
  • 1991 First Journal
  • 1989 First OMEGA
  • 1989 First AOUG Conference
  • 1988 Official launch of AOUG at OU Open Day
  • 1987 Birth of D & COUGA
  • 1986 OU support agreement
  • 1986 Representation on OU Council
  • 1986 Degree Ceremony attendance
  • 1986 Logo Competition
  • 1986 Steering Group
  • 1985 First Graduate Conference
  • 1985 Planning group
  • Early days