Association of Open University Graduates


The AOUG Olga Camm Bursary Award 2013

Natalia Kucirkova received the Bursary from AOUG Chairman, Margaret Stobirski during the Research Awards Ceremony on 4th October 2013 in front of over eighty OU staff and AOUG members and other Award winners and their families.

AOUG’s charity, AOUG Foundation for Education, offers Research Bursaries periodically, but this was a special Bursary. Not only did it celebrate AOUG’s twenty-fifth anniversary, but it was also named after AOUG’s founder, Olga Camm, who sadly passed away in 2012. Members contributed to make the Bursary possible.

During her studies at The Open University, Natalia built on an inter-disciplinary approach to early literacy research, and the combination of developmental psychology and educational practice. Natalia’s research is about innovative ways of promoting parent-child shared book reading and investigating the impact of self-made books. She is particularly interested in the role of personalisation in book reading, that is to say how books created specifically for each child affect the nature of the interaction and the processes through which children learn from books. She was involved in the production, launch and evaluation of the ‘Our Story’ app, which was developed at the OU with the aim of supporting early literacy.