Association of Open University Graduates

Annual General Meetings

Annual General Meetings circulate around the regions and provide a wonderful opportunity for members to meet up with friends old and new.

An official AGM is held each year to cover the legal business of each of the three AOUG companies. This is organised under a compound meeting named AGM Part I. This meeting is conducted under the Memorandum and Articles of the Association.

All members are invited to attend this meeting on a self funding basis, and may vote either in person or by postal proxy on any resolutions presented.

Advanced notice is published in OMEGA in accordance with the legal requirements and all members are invited to submit resolutions should they wish to change any of existing Memorandum and Articles.

There is also a second part to the AGM known as AGM Part II, run under Standing Orders which incorporates reports on previous activities of the Association and motions to change the working procedures of the Association. All members are invited in advance to submit procedural motions and have the right to vote either in person, or by postal proxy, on any of the motions presented.

The Association of Open University Graduates like to ensure a balance to these proceedings and so along with the formal AGM meetings and other more informal meetings, there are also plenty of other activities built into the arrangements to produce a full social event, with plenty of time to mix with other members and share the pleasures of the local area. To view reports and photographs of previous events see the relevant year under the AGM archives.

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