Association of Open University Graduates


Members of AOUG organise events for each other on a national, regional or local basis. Most regions have local groups which arrange events within an easy travelling distance but they also have regional events at various venues around the region. There are in addition several interest groups who travel longer distances to meet for walking, visits to the theatre or other specialised activities.

Most AOUG events are free as part of your membership subscription but when rooms need to be booked, or speakers arranged, then admission fees are necessary. All AOUG members may attend any event in whichever region it occurs but it is always advisable to contact the organiser first so that they can be ready to meet you.

Although most events are officially restricted to members only, family and friends are always welcome as guests of members and there are regular events that are open to all, on payment of the appropriate fee, such as lectures and dinners.

National events arranged annually are the Annual General Meeting Weekend, the AOUG Foundation for Education Award Ceremony and the AOUG Foundation Lecture but other, one off, events may also be arranged.

See : Awards, AGM, Lectures, or Diary Dates for your chosen region.