Association of Open University Graduates

Civic Receptions

Every year some Executive Representatives in the Regions and Nations organise Civic Receptions for new OU graduates in one Mayoral borough within their Region or Nation.

These are small, intimate affairs but the grandeur of the local Town or Civic Hall provides a very special experience for the selected new graduates who are lucky enough to receive an invitation.

Although the event is arranged and facilitated by AOUG, we are very grateful to the local Mayor or Lord Mayor who hosts the occasion and provides refreshments, and to the Open University Regional office who assist in sending out the invitations to a group of 20 - 30 new graduates living in the chosen Mayoral borough. Other invited guests include two local AOUG members and representatives of The Open University Office in the Region or Nation.

Following being received and given an AOUG Welcome pack by the Executive Representative, everyone is able to socialise before being treated to a few brief congratulatory speeches and the chance for photographs to record the memorable event. Sometimes graduates are even favoured with a tour of the Civic Building.

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