Association of Open University Graduates


Presentation to Margaret Brett by Ramsey Hertzog

Honorary Life Membership

A set of criteria for the awarding of honorary life memberships was first recommended in July 1996.


1. The recipient 'has served the Association exceptionally well, in a capacity that was not just fulfilling a position or task they were elected/requested to do, and their actions were above and beyond the call of duty.'

2. The process of nomination was to be without the knowledge of the recipient and should the possible recipient be informed before the decision was reached, the proposed honour would be withdrawn. 

Although the procedure was also suggested in 1996, a formalised system was introduced in June 2008 following concerns having been expressed over some previous Life Memberships having been granted without full discussion.


1. A formal nomination must be completed by the nominator and submitted to the Chairman (or if it is the Chairman who is being nominated, to the Vice- Chairman).

2. These are only to be given in extreme cases, so the Chairman (Vice-Chairman) shall then research the nomination and then seek the approval of the Officers.

3. If approved by the Officers, all nominations shall be presented to the Executive Committee, with a full proposal of reasons.

4. The Executive Committee discuss the nomination and vote as to whether the name should be presented to the next AGM.

5. Following the Executive Committee’s vote, names for Honorary Life Memberships must then be presented to the AGM and can only be approved if they receive a membership majority in favour at the AGM.

6. If a majority vote is passed at the AGM, then the Chairman shall write to the nominee and if they agree to accept the honour, arrangements will be made to present the Award at the next Research Award Ceremony or at a venue and time more suitable to the recipient.

Life Memberships granted prior to the introduction of the above procedure:
Olga Camm – AOUG (deceased)
Mike Arthur  - AOUG (deceased)
Lord Wilson – external (deceased)
Peter Price - OU (deceased)
Brian Fox - AOUG

Life Memberships granted after the introduction of the criteria:
2013 - Will Swann - OU
2013 - Roger Walters - OU
2013 - Patricia Cowling - AOUG
2013 - Margaret Brett – AOUG
2013 - Elizabeth Mount - AOUG
2013 - Ginny Feeney - AOUG
2013 - Ramsey Hertzog – AOUG
2013 - Tom Nisbet – AOUG
2013 - Lewis McKay – AOUG
2015 – Karen Bradbury – OU