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You can find past editions of OMEGA below, saved in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader to view these.

Summer 2014

Romans, Butterflies and Jazz, Innovations on Particle Swarm Optimisation, Welsh National History Museum.

Spring 2014

Secret treasures of the Stars: searching the Superwasp Archive, Xena Warrior Princess and Charmed, Force 9 Gale: Northern Members set sail.

Winter 2013

Award Winners Celebrate Success, Silver Celebrations for AOUG's 25th Anniversary, AOUG recognises Loyalty and Support of the Association.

Summer 2011

Key material challenges at the nano scale, Discovering Oceanography, Sit back to sit forward, Graduates Guildford Gathering.

Spring 2011

To Fit or Misfit: That is the Question, New Graduates honoured in Harrogate, What is the Aptamer Please, The Densest Objects in the Universe, Update on Re-organisation of The Open University.

Winter 2010

Calling all AOUG Eggheads, The Golden Ford on the River Wey, From Cedar Tree to Tree of Knowledge, Ground breaking Achievements of Research Students, Good Value at 38p a week!

Summer 2010

Structural Transformations in object-relational design, The Catalytic role of Evangelicalism in the formation of Ulster Protestant Cultural Identity, Open to Places, Back to University in Exeter, Degree Days, Taunton AGM reports.

Spring 2010

AOUG Honoured by Sir John Daniel's Foundation Lecture, Can aptitude tests tell us anything about the difference between boys and girls, Ultra deep AKARI observations of Abell 2218, A middle aged shopkeeper's view of graduates.

Winter 2009

Aptamers: a potential binding molecule for Alzheimer's disease, London enjoy a Psychology lecture by Dr Stella Tickle, AOUG Foundation for Education Award Ceremony, AOUG certainly know how to celebrate!, West Midlands members visit Bantock House, Off to Taunton, Somerset.

Summer 2009

Anniversary Celebrations.

Spring 2009

Destination Milton Keynes, 21st and 40th Anniversary Celebrations, An Honorable Lady, Teachers' Professional Identity, Theater-going at the turn of the 19th Century, Serendipity.

Winter 2008

Visit to Linwood Gardens, An Explosive Past, Certaceous Climate and Vegitation, Discovering Gibralta Point, AOUG Awards for OU research, Beamish - Have we realy Progressed?

Summer 2008

OU Coat of Arms article, 2008 Degree Ceremonies, OU News, London Award Ceremony, AOUG Weekend, Seate News.

Spring 2008

Walter Perry Award Winner, Election Candidates, OUSA News, Never Too Late to Learn, The Evolution of ICT, Senate News.

Winter 2007

Architecture & Art - The Changing Face of the Open University, Presentation of the First Baroness Boothroyd Award, Jean Posthuma Memorial Lecture Revived, Vice Chancellor Asks for AOUG Help, Visit to Alton.

Summer 2007

Adult Learners' Week Presentation, Spring Weekend 2007 in London, Report from the 2007 AGM, Regeneration of Stratford Theatres, The Impact of Railways on Urban Areas, Open University News.

Spring 2007

Candidates for Executive Committee Elections, The AOUG Irish Regional Award Winner, A Walk on the South Side - A Guided Tour of West Park, Visiting the Potteries, Museum and Art Gallery, OUSA Strikes Out AOUG in Yorkshire.

Winter 2006

AOUG 2006 Bursary, Stratford Revisited, Studying the Stars, Crystal Palace, 1851 - 2012, Farewell to the Chancellor, Copenhagen - An Insider View, Alumni Awards.