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Welcome to AOUG in the East Midlands (05)

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At this year's AGM, at Farnborough, I completed my three year term as Executive Representative for this Region. Having been actively involved in the Association from its inception, I have decided to retire gracefully although I am willing to continue as a Local Contact. At the moment we have no replacement Executive Representative and so I have agreed to assist the newly elected Development Officer, Lesley Sleigh, in arranging some events and in producing a Local Newsletter.

A few members, not able to receive the Local Newsletter electronically, can still obtain copies if they supply me with the requisite postage and I will willingly carry on posting them out. (a second class stamp is sufficient for each copy)

My aim is to arrange events for most areas of the Region, which covers the counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire to the North. Leicestershire forms the central part of Region 05, with Northamptonshire to the South. Some of the events that I have arranged have been so near to the bordering Regions that they have been submitted as Handshake Events.

If any member would like to act as a Local Contact please let me know. I live on the Derbyshire/Yorkshire border and so my knowledge of places of interest in the South of my Region is not too good. The best thing that could happen to the Region is for a member to be co-opted as the new Executive Representative to act as the co-ordinator and attend the Executive Committee meetings. You can find out more about what that entails by contacting the AOUG Office, or even contacting me and I will be able to tell you what an interesting job it has been.

Local Contacts:
Lincoln – Susan Bradley 01522 750292
Derbyshire – Ramsey Hertzog 01246 414746