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Our Europe Newsletter, which is published three times a year, continues to be well received by our members. With the enormous diversity of our Open University degrees it is a difficult situation to satisfy all of our readers all the time, but we have covered a wide range of subjects and always welcome contributions from members. As we have AOUG members living in eighteen different European countries, our members can give us a wonderful insight into how they live and what their interests are Contributions have come from as far away as Iceland, Malta, Spain, Switzerland, France and others, and along with their writings, the photographs bring everything to life. We send the Newsletter out by e-mail attachment in order to keep the costs down for the Association. However, we appreciate that not all members have e-mail facilities, and for those few, in Europe only, the Newsletter is sent by post. In the UK members are able to provide a postage stamp but as we in Europe are dealing with different countries, the variety of stamps are not compatible with another country’s system.

The Association’s AGM and Social Weekend for 2019 was held at the excellent Holiday Inn at Farnborough, England and some members from Europe attended and enjoyed meeting up with members from the UK. There is always something The Open University graduate can talk about with another graduate, so friendships are soon made. The weather was kind to us and several outings to places of interest were arrange and enjoyed by all. The 2020 AGM and Social Weekend will take place in Stirling, Scotland at the Stirling Court Hotel, set on the University campus.

The next important event for AOUG is the annual Foundation for Education Awards and Lecture which will take place at The Open University at Milton Keynes on Friday 4th October 2019. The subject of the lecture is ‘Doing it for Themselves’ Religion in the 21st Century, given by Claire Wanless, a former recipient of the AOUG Bursary. Tickets at £10 can be obtained from the AOUG Office and includes the full or part day events and a buffet lunch.

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AOUG has a Corporate Facebook page and also a Corporate Twitter account. Both are open to members and non members and the contents are monitored for suitability. There are now several electronic opportunities to engage directly with AOUG:

Corporate Facebook – this can be found through your own Facebook account if you have one and typing in Association of Open University Graduates or, if you do not have a facebook account, your direct link is

Corporate Twitter – you can view the Twitter page by going to without the need for an account, or once you have your own Twitter account you can find us on @TheAOUG.

Patricia Cowling- Contact in Europe