Association of Open University Graduates
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AOUG Regions & Nations

AOUG offers many groups in the Regions and Nations for both social and educational events.

AOUG boundaries for the Regions and Nations follow the same patterns as those of the Open University. If you do not know which area you are interested in, then please click over the area of the map for which you require information and you will be linked to the relevant pages.

There is also a monthly calendar covering all activities available throughout all the 12 Regions and Nations.

If you wish to know about Europe click here. For the Rest of the World, please click on the globe.


R11 Scotland R09 North R08 North West R07 Yorkshire R05 East Midlands R10 Wales R03 South West R02 South R04 West Midlands R06 East of England R01 London and the South East R12 Ireland