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Welcome to this section of web pages designed especially for those of you living in the Rest of the World, that is, all of your outside the United Kingdom that is not covered by Europe.

The Association of Open University Graduates is an International organisation with five Officers/Directors and thirteen Executive Representatives from each Region or Nation within the United Kingdom. but when our Memorandum and Articles states that the Executive Committee shall comprise of the “… Directors and the Executive Representatives …” you may feel that you are missing out, and even more so when you read further “… shall be a maximum number of eighteen members….”

This appears, therefore, to exclude representation from Europe or from the Rest of the World. Financial constraints on our budgets to cover expenses, do make it difficult to consider altering our Memorandum and Articles to enable an additional  physical representative at Executive Committee Meetings, there is no reason why the Rest of the World should not have Local Contacts to speak out for members living some distance from the United Kingdom.

Current European Countries are represented by a Local Contact living in France, who although not attending Executive Committee meetings, still communicates with European members and can relay their opinions back to the Executive Committee via the Development Officer.  How about you considering being a Local Contact for your area and letting the Development Officer know of issues you would like discussed.

Due to distance, very little face to face activity may take place in this area of our Association but that is no reason, in this age of technology, that you should not be actively involved. If you would like to be consider as a Local Contact, please contact the AOUG Office with all your details so that the Development Officer is able to propose your offer to the Executive Committee.

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