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Powis Castle

Powis Castle

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Bodnant Gardens

Members from Region 05, Region 07 and Region 08, all met in the car park restaurant at Bodnant Gardens for yet another visit to this wonderful North Wales attraction. We visit at least once a year to admire the ever changing seasons of the amazing floral display. This time it was the turn of the roses to create the most stunning aspects but whilst we were pausing a while in the rose garden terrace, we took a little more notice than usual, of the grand house in whose garden we find an emotional calmness. It is in its own right, a truly stunning building but unfortunate we can only imagine the grandeur within as it is not on view to the public.  So now we have visited at a variety of times of year, especially to see the rhododendrons, the trees, the laburnum arch and now the roses, what shall we chose for our next visit and what time of year will that necessitate. With something different each month of the year, we are always surprised that you Welsh members do not often venture to join us and enjoy the benefits of your own beautiful scenery.  Please do try to join us next time.

Jean Hertzog



Powis Castle and Gardens

Unfortunately the day was very wet when a group of  AOUG members and friends made a visit to the National Trust property of Powis Castle and Gardens, and so the visit consisted of chatting over coffee and lunch and visiting the inside of the castle. The castle is a medieval castle fortress and a grand country mansion that is in the area of Welshpool. The property has seven hundred years of history during which time it had been owned by different families. The 4th Earl George Herbert and his wife had lived in the castle from the early 1900s and they had three children Percy, Mervyn and Hermione.

Both sons lost their lives in World War I and, due to the recent remembrance of the wars, there was an exhibition of especially Percy’s involvement. There was an abundance of memorabilia and the Trust had set up a WWI trench so that visitors could experience how it may have felt. The castle has many artifacts that are worth viewing, some of the paintings are interesting and there are several paintings by Joshua Reynolds. There is attached a museum showing many of the collection of artifacts from India. Friends and members found the setting really beautiful and the café particularly good offering excellent cuisine. It was felt another visit should be made to the wonderful gardens later in the Summer.

Margaret Stobirski

Executive Representative Vacant