AOUG Vice-Chancellor Sir John Daniel Award for Education and Language Studies

Awarded in 2022 to Caroline Boreham

Caroline was nomiated by her supervisors, Amelia Hempel-Jorgensen, Janet solar and fiona Aubrey-Smith. Her supervisors note that Caroline’s research is a novel and critical investigation into the current governments approach to tackling educational inequality.  She is examining the implementation of policy, focusing on supporting young people in developing cultural capital to improve chances of social mobility.

In her synopis caroline explores the way in which Multi-Academy Trusts aim to develop pupil’s cultural capital.

In her summary of her OU experience and background, caroline links her teaching experience with her completing a Masters Degree with the Ou. She emphasises the high-quality level of support provided by her supervisors. She nows is responsible for straegic and operational delivery of data reporting, analytics, research and evaluation on school improvement priorities, for a large multi-academy trust. 

Awarded in 2021 to Andrea Lustenberger

An investigation into Oral Digital Storytelling in Primary English in Switzerland

When young children learn foreign languages at school, teachers often rely on repetitive drills and structures. In my study, the children created fun presentations for their peers in English, using child-friendly software and personalised language support. The result? Confident creative children, and colleagues eager to follow suit with their classes.