Four AOUG Research Awards to be presented

This year we are delighted to report that we have received four nominations and we would like to thank the OU Research Departments’ staff who have submitted the nominations.

The AOUG Foundation for Education Trustees have awarded the AOUG Vice-Chancellor Sir John Daniel Award for Education and Language Studies for research relating to educational inequality.

They have awarded the AOUG Will Swann Award for Innovation and  Knowledge Development for research into nineteenth century  music festivals in Manchester.

The AOUG Chancellor Lord Asa Briggs Award for Arts has been awarded for research a specific era of female novel writing.

For research relating to Further Education lecturers an Award of the AOUG Chancellor Baroness Boothroyd Award for Citizenship, Identities and Governance has been made.

We look forward to meeting the four recipients on October 7th at The Open University and will be posting more detailed information on the Website after the Ceremony