Welcome to Region 08 – North West

The North West is bordered by Yorkshire (Region 07) to our east, Wales (Nation 10) and West Midlands (Region 04) to our south and, as the North (Region 09) stretches from the West coast to the East coast, we also have the Cumbria section of the North Region above us.

This gives North West members many opportunities, if travel allows, to attend activities in any of those areas, as well as those of our own. However it is always advisable to contact the event organiser prior to the day so that they can look out to welcome you.

Unfortunately we do not have an Executive Representative at present, but the Local Contact continues to organise as many activities as she can.

We would welcome any members interested in being the Executive Representative or in organising a few activities in their immediate locality as a Local Contact, to get in touch with AOUG@open.ac.uk to get more information about what the roles entail or to offer their services.


Treasurer / Local Contact – Margaret Stobirski margaretstobirski@gmail.com