Welcome to Region 04 – West Midlands


Welcome to West Midlands Region. Members will find exciting events and interesting activities in West Midlands with fascinating local history.

There are five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There are many Art Galleries and Museums which depict past and present histories. There are many libraries. The birth place of Industrial Revolution was in West Midlands.  This industrial revolution brought advances in sciences, technology and economic development.

Biggest city in West Midlands is Birmingham. It has got Birmingham Symphony Hall where The Open University hold Degree Ceremonies every year. It was opened in 1991 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Many of our events and activities will bring back memories of studies engaged at The Open University. For example, Nobel Prize Laureate Francis Aston developed mass spectrometry which helped him to identity isotopes. Another Nobel Prize Laureate Dennis Gabor invented holography. William Shakespeare was born in West Midlands.

Our events give opportunity to members to meet and greet each other as well as make new friends.

Local Contacts:

Mohammad Motawalla – Executive Representative