Advertising in OMEGA

OMEGA is the magazine of the Association of Open University Graduates and is currently published three times a year.

Circulation is mainly to Open University Graduates but copies are also distributed amongst most Open University departments at Milton Keynes and also to Regional and National Centres throughout the United Kingdom.

Advertising rates are as follows:

Display Advertisements

Size (mm)
Back cover (Full colour) £500 300 x 210
Full inside page (Blue and Black only) £370 300 x 210
Half page (Blue and black only) £245 150 x 210
Quarter page (Blue and Black only) £185 150 x 105
Eighth page (Blue and Black only) £100 75 x 105
Medium box (Blue and Black only) £30 90 x 30
Medium box (Blue and Black only) £30 60 x 60
Small box (Blue and Black only) £30 60 x 30


For more information contact the AOUG Office or download a booking form.