Association of Open University Graduates

Membership Benefits

AOUG members are passionate about The Open University and their Open University degree experience and want to share that emotion with like minded people whilst showing their gratitude to The Open University by supporting it in any way possible.

The Association was formed in 1988 so is well established having evolved over many years. Being now legally Incorporated  and run by a democratically elected Executive Committee with Memorandum and Articles registered with Company House and Standing Orders for more detailed day to day procedures. We run not only the main Association company but also AOUG Trading and our own charity AOUG Foundation for Education. The AOUG Foundation for Education, funded from members donations and legacies, presents annual awards, nationally to Open University research students and regionally to new graduates who have gained their degree despite adversity. 

We are not just a club or society although obviously our strong structure in the Regions and Nations provides that fellowship by organising academic and social events.

The summary below will explain more easily:

  • Unique - Subscription membership organisation uniquely for Open University graduates
  • Independent - Independent of The Open University whilst being endorsed by The Open University.
  • Democratic - Run by elected volunteer Open University graduates in support of The Open University.
  • International yet local - Supporting International members whilst offering UK members personal contact.
  • Fellowship - Involvement at all levels in our communications and direction.
  • Proven - Established in 1988 with The Open University's approval and still self supporting.

What membership of AOUG offers

All Open University students who have completed an Open University certificated course are automatically alumni of the university with all the benefits from the Alumni Relations Office. However once they become a graduate they also have the opportunity to join AOUG with all the additional benefits that a fellowship organisation can offer.

AOUG is:-

Unique: Membership of AOUG is only open to graduates of the Open University. Friends and family may be invited to attend events as guests of the members. Invitations are regularly extended to OUSA groups to attend AOUG events. Occasionally larger events are held when other non-members are also invited.

Independent: AOUG is very proud to be endorsed by the Open University and legally bear the Open University name and use the Open University Partnership logo, but it is equally proud to hold independent status with all its affairs being governed by the membership under its Incorporated Company Memorandum and Articles.

Democratic: AOUG is an organisation run by Open University Graduates for Open University Graduates. Each year an AGM is held. Members have full voting rights on all resolutions to change the Memorandum and Articles and on motions to change Standing Order. AGM postal ballots are held to elect members to the Executive Committee. One third of the Executive Committee retire from office at each AGM.

International yet local: AOUG follows the structure established by the Open University and in each of the Regions and Nations, social and educational events are organised by members for members, co-ordinated by the elected AOUG Executive Representative. In some areas special interest groups are also well established. However as well as members in the UK, AOUG has members scattered all over the world with large clusters in Ireland, Europe and Singapore. 

Fellowship: Open University Graduates study under unusual circumstances and only another Open University Graduate can fully understand the experiences so AOUG offers a unique fellowship for those likeminded people. Friendships made whilst studying can be continued and new friendships formed by getting involved. Involvement is the key at all levels of direction and decision making. Members are encouraged to take ownership by writing articles, assisting at OU events or arranging activities.

Proven: AOUG was officially formed in 1988 after several years in the planning and is still going today. It has proved itself to be dedicated to its aims and objectives and having weathered many challenges over the years, is proud to still be working for the Open University and its Graduates.  

Become a member

You can sign up and become a member online here.